HI THERE i'm so thrilled you're here!

I'm Whitney, the face behind the camera. I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. Do you have a friend that is always insisting on capturing the moment? Well, that's always been me. In my circle, everyone knows they can count on me to be clicking away. On my first Mother's Day my first "big girl camera" was gifted to me, by my husband. From that very day I hit the ground running-as a self taught photographer.  I have been married for nearly six years to my Hubs- Zak. He is the most kind hearted man I have ever met. His support is unwavering. He is and has always has been the encouragement which has helped me to make my dream a reality. I am always so humbled by the sweet souls I am given the opportunity to work with. This whole gig is so much more to me than just photography. It has rekindled old friendships, brought along new ones, has giving me a new sense of self,  and has humbled me to tears. Ya'll --doing something for others, "acts of service" brings my heart so much joy. THAT is why I know this is right where I need to be.  I'm a Mama to two little humans. Cheston Rhett (3), he is our sweet old soul. And River (1), she's our sassy, little love. My family is everything. They are my WHY and what makes my world go round. I am a fierce Mama bear and loyal friend. #Aries

I'm a Oklahoma based photographer.. and man, do I love my roots. Flip that coin and my soul craves adventure. I am down to follow you wherever your love takes you. Whether that be to the top of a mountain peak or down a peaceful country road. I make a pretty fun third wheel or tag along. So, let's be friends! I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunset/sunrise. And often squeal when the sun hits your face just right. Natural light is my THANG! I never pass up the opportunity to admire the beauty God grants us. May that beauty be a killer sunset or the emotion in a raw moment. I live for capering the innocence of a child, the passion between lovers, the love of a family, or the excitement of a new baby. My mission freeze frame time, authentically to you and yours. 

Anyways, I won't keep you here all day. I'm so happy that you have came across my page and I hope to talk with you soon, lets make some magic! Capturing life's beautiful moments is what it's all about. And I'm your GIRL!!! 

XOXO- Whitney.